DINAcon 2021

DINAcon 2021 took place on 29 October hybrid in Basel. The sessions and the livestream can still be watched.

All recordings can be found here:




The dinacon 2021 program consisted of exciting keynotes by Julia Reda and Paul-Olivier Dehaye, interactive sessions, the DINAcon Awards, opportunities for networking, aperitifs and other surprises.




The fifth DINAcon conference was only possible with the support of our loyal organizing committee, numerous sponsors and support partners and our visitors. Thank you very much for the commitment and the great support.



On the day of the conference, our jury awarded 5 selected projects. Congratulations to all finalist projects and the winners!

More about the 2021 awards:

Speakers DINAcon 2021


Gonzalo Casas

Open Network Infrastructure Association
Julia Reda. Photo by Diana Levine / dianalevine.com

Julia Reda

Society for Civil Liberties and Open Knowledge Foundation, copyright expert

Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Hestia Labs und Personaldata.io, Founder

Ninja Hoffmann

Butterfy, Co-Founder & Reflector

Sponsors DINAcon 2021

DINAcon 2021 is being supported by these great partners:

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DINAcon Awards

Ch Open presented the DINAcon Awards for the fifth time in 2021 to honour the courage and innovative strength of companies, authorities, communities, developers and individuals.

Our jury made a difficult choice: in 2021, these 5 great projects were awarded:

Digital sustainability

Digital transformation is ubiquitous. How can we ensure that progressive digitalisation also generates sustainable benefits for our society? The principle of digital sustainability offers an answer to this question. Digital sustainability describes how digital knowledge assets (data, content, software) need to be created and made accessible in order to create the greatest possible benefits for society and the environment.


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Organizers and partners

We thank all our long-term partner for the support!


The Baloise Park area will be opened soon - it offers an open working and meeting area for Baloise employees, third-party tenants as well as for the population.

We are pleased to have found a great location partner with the Baloise Group!