DINAcon 2021 is carried out by the Digital Sustainability Research Centre of the University of Bern and is supported by the location partner Baloise Park and numerous partner organisations.
Our organizing team consists of the following hard-working helpers:


Maria Fanger is studying at the University of Bern and is an employee of the Research Centre Digital Sustainability. She supports DINAcon in operational areas and keeps track of all different things to ensure a smooth DINAcon process.

Amir Sahi

Francesca (@general_francis) is project manager in the Digitalization programme and Society of Stiftung Mercator Switzerland. As co-founder and moderator of DINAcon, she is responsible for the content on and the team spirit behind the stage.



Amir Sahi is a research fellow and project manager at the Institute for Public Sector Transformation at Bern University of Applied Sciences, where he manages various mandates in the public sector as an advisor. He studied economics with a focus on information systems at the University of Bern and as part of his master's thesis he conducted intensive research on the topic of digital sustainability in IT strategies and smart city projects in public administrations. In his spare time you can meet him on the tennis court or on a racing bike in the Swiss Alps.


His studies in Computer Science at the University of Applied Science in Biel and the M Sc in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Bern are followed by over 15 years of experience in medical informatics. Christian is committed to Free/Open Source Software and Open Standards. He especially shows this in the executive committee of CH Open, when operating Linux-based computer systems in Uganda for ITCT-Africa and schools in Kampala, Uganda.

Jannis Valaulta
Jannis Valaulta

Jannis Valaulta is Marketing and Communications Manager at Adfinis, where he is committed to Free & Open Source Software on a daily basis. Already during his studies he came into contact with open topics, which was sparked by curiosity at the Adfinis on breeding grounds for a forest fire. In addition to his involvement at DINAcon, he is part of the CH Open Board of Directors.

Philippe von Bergen
Philippe von Bergen

Philippe (@phvonbergen) is CTO and co-owner of the internet agency iqual GmbH and combines open source with process optimization and online marketing. At the moment he puts a lot of energy into the contributions to the Drupal CMS. Outside of work, Philippe is interested in transparent politics, photography and dances Lindy Hop.

Matthias Stürmer

Matthias (@maemst) is Head of the Digital Sustainability Research Centre at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Bern. Also he is president of the Digital Impact Network, Vice President of CH Open and co-founder and board member of the association Matthias is also Managing Director of the Parliamentary Group On Digital Sustainability and, as EPP City Councillor, member of the Berne Parliament since 2011.


Oleg (@loleg) develops and advises Internet projects and is co-founder of SmartUse GmbH. A Canadian with Russian roots, he has been practising in Bern eat Datalets.chsince 2012, is involved with many start-ups and companies as well as the two ETHs. He is on the board of the association, a guest lecturer of the Bern University of Applied Sciences, and is an enthusiastic coach at public workshops and hackathons – such as the DINAcon HACKnight.

Markus works as a software developer and release engineer with a strong focus on high quality standards. Markus is also a former Eclipse Foundation committer, Package Maintainer for "Eclipse for Testers" and holds a degree in computer science from the FH Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel. Markus enriches our conference with the organization of the DINAcon Awards.