DINAcon Awards 2017

This year, for the first time, CH Open is presenting the DINAcon Awards to honor the courage and innovative strength of companies, authorities, communities, developers and individuals. The awards will be presented at the first DINAcon 2017 conference on digital sustainability, which will take place on Friday, 20th October 2017 in Bern.

Entrepreneurs, public authorities, open source communities and individuals who have shown innovative strength and courage in the development and use of open source software can apply. This year, we will also consider new submissions that address the issue of digital sustainability. Entries for the DINAcon Awards could be submitted until 14th July 2017.

Communication on the input website is in English to enable input from French and Italian speaking parts of Switzerland. It is precisely because open communities today function globally that, in addition to Swiss applications, international projects and companies are also possible.

Until now, the award ceremony has been held under the name CH Open Source Awards. With the new name DINAcon Awards, the organizers want to take account of the development in the area of open data and digital sustainability and expand the spectrum of award ceremonies.

The last year's six CH Open Source Awards were presented to the following prize winners: the open source CRM solution SuiteCRM, Post CH AG for its MariaDB migration, Florian Bruhin with qutebrowser, René Moser with Ansible CloudStack, the opendata.swiss portal and the data.sbb.ch portal.

A jury of distinguished experts and entrepreneurs will be responsible for the nomination and selection of the winners of the DINAcon Awards 2017, and the nominated organisations, projects and persons will be announced in September. The award ceremony will take place on Friday, 20th October, 2017 as part of the DINAcon 2017 in Welle7 Workspace in Bern, Switzerland. Nominees can of course take part in this exclusive event free of charge.

Jury of the DINAcon Awards 2017

  • Corsin Camichel, ICT-Security Officer, Rapperswil-Jona
  • Dr. Hellmuth Broda, OneSource Enterprise Professional Services Leader Europe at PerkinElmer
  • Dr. Matthias Günter, Board Member CH Open
  • Robert Ribnitz, Wilhelmtux
  • Brigitte Hulliger, Co-Founder Break the Box & Board Member We Shape Tech Bern
  • Nicolas Christener, CEO Adfinis SyGroup AG
  • Nico Schottelius, FOSS Hacker & CEO ungleich GmbH
  • Simon Wächter, FSFE Country Coordinator Switzerland
  • Felix Kronlage, Unix and Open Source Geek, Managing Director bytemine
  • Reto Gantenbein, FOSS Hacker & Co-Owner inofix
  • Michael Stolz, Software Engineer, SIX
  • Marianne Fraefel, Lecturer at E-Government-Institut of Bern University of Applied Sciences

Responsible Organization DINAcon Awards

Adrian Gschwend, adrian.gschwend@ch-open.ch, Tel. +41 32 511 15 08

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