DINAcon HACKnight is open to everyone. From Power Coders to the Newbies, there will be possibilities for all levels of technical skills to participate. The event will be an opportunity to contribute to or learn more about the open source project of your choice. The focus is on the projects nominated and presented at DINAcon 2017, but not only, it's also true: Whoever does, says where to go. Committers and experts are on site to support the newcomers, leading them to their first bug report or code commit!




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Room 3.14 (Deck 3), Welle7, Schanzenstrasse 5, 3008 Bern

By fee-based DINAcon admission or by email: hacknight@dinacon.ch in order to participate free of charge at HACKnight only

Free of charge for Hackers, Geeks, Coders, Newbies, you name it!

18:00 Start with Chinese Food

24:00 End

00:05 Midnight Gym

00:10 After HACKnight

06:00 First Backery

... open end


Facilities, refreshments and infrastructure will be provided by a small but dedicated team of volunteers during a 6-hour mini sprint on 20 October from 6 pm.

Teams that show commitment and potential for their hacks are additional offered time, space and support for the continuation of their projects at After HACKnight by the DINAcon team.


The most important rule of HACKnight is:

Be excellent to each other! (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)

For further guidelines, please refer to the Code of Conduct (Definition in Wikipedia). As this is an open source event, we encourage all teams to publish their work under open licenses - such as GNU GPL, MIT or BSD - in open repositories, such as GitHub, but not limited to GitHub. Organizers, sponsors and event staff will not assert any claims or demands for approval or special rights and privileges for your work at HACKnight. All project documentation created or released during HACKnight for the published projects will be re-released and promoted under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license.