Knowledge Graph Forum 2019

Co-hosted with DINAcon Conference, Friday October 18th 2019, Bern, Switzerland.

Update: Thanks for the great event! You can find slides for the presentations on GitHub.

Knowledge Graphs are getting a lot of attention in the industry and the public sector. Often mentioned are very large public knowledge graphs like UniProt with more than 50 billion triples, projects like based search engine optimization or publishing statistical data in a machine-readable form, and these are just some of the public RDF-based use cases. Many more happen behind corporate firewalls and thus are rarely discussed in public.

On Friday, October 18, 2019, we want to discuss all kinds of Knowledge Graphs and exchange know-how about how companies and organizations use them. The focus will be real-world use cases, case-studies of what worked and what didn’t and where your company or organization wants to go with them.

Our Knowledge Graph Forum is co-hosted by DINAcon, the Swiss conference on digital sustainability. Its location, Welle7, is right next to the train station in Bern, the capital city of Switzerland. It is also easy to reach from all major airports in Switzerland: Zurich, Geneva and Basel.

Three keynotes define the predefined part of the program, the rest of the tracks are organized in an unconference-like fashion: Everyone is welcome to propose a session based on a minimal abstract and a general topic that could be discussed. The session itself gets split into two parts: A short presentation by the person proposing the session and an open discussion about the presentation and its main subject. The discussion should be as open as possible and involve other participants.

We have Katariina Kari from Zalando and Bart van Leeuwen from Netage as confirmed keynote speakers in the morning. The afternoon keynotes will be held by Peter Winstanley (Scottish Government) and Rhicheek Patra (Oracle).

We will have two rooms (parallel sessions) and 3 slots for a total of 6 sessions. Each session is 60 minutes. For the general program of the conferene & start/end times check out the DINAcon program. Our sessions will be held in separate rooms in the same building.

What we look for in the sessions

  • Real-world use cases of RDF-based Knowledge Graphs.
  • Any topic about scaling and using RDF in the real world. This includes prototypes, tools, libraries, etc.
  • Lessons learned in using RDF Knowledge Graphs in the real world. We also welcome things that did not work out and projects that failed!

What we do not look for

  • Sales pitches. You are welcome to present whatever you used to solve your problem but focus on the use-case itself and the way you approached it and less on software, especially when it is commercial.
  • Knowledge Graph Forum is strongly leaning towards RDF-based Knowledge Graphs. Other graph databases are of less interest.
  • No paper or research presentations, there are enough conferences for these topics already.

Proposed sessions (so far)

Update: Notes for sessions

Although it will be an unconference, we define at least parts of the schedule upfront, both to save time and give people a chance to prepare for it.

The following sessions will be held:


Tickets are on sales already, please buy a normal ticket for the DINAcon conference. There is no separate ticket for the Knowledge Graph Forum.

Sponsoring opportunities

Sponsoring is possible within the DINAcon conference. See our sponsoring page for more information. You can contact Adrian Gschwend if you would like to become sponsor.