Wikipedia und Wikidata editieren mit Einbezug von OpenStreetMap (Howto / AskUsAnything)

Thema: Open Content
Datum: Freitag, 18. Oktober 2019

Ort: Welle7, Bern

Wikipedia and Wikidata are among the biggest repositories of content in the world: Wikidata reaches 60 millions of objects and Wikipedia around 10 millions of articles in all languages. Like OpenStreetMap (OSM) the Wikimedia projects are open and everyone can edit but Wikimedia projects don't have a dedicated project for geographical data so Wikimedia projects adopt frequently OSM to document the articles and to integrate Wikidata but there are not many joint projects. In this case we will present an experimental project to have both community to collaborate around the same topic.

Weitere Informationen

Wikipedia, Wikidata and OpenStreetMap can work together to improve the content in both sides? This is the challenge we are experimenting with Burgen Dossier.

This is the first time that the two communities meet together to work on the same topic and have the possibility to share experience and ideas. This is the opportunity not only to enrich the content but also to create more interesting events and to instill more motivation.

The reference of the project for Wikimedia community is:

With this tool we have the possibilty to monitor the development of the projects and to give to volunteers a visualization of the current state of the project.

Ablauf der Session

Ablauf der Session (je 20 min.): 
* Einführung in Wikipedia (WP) und Wikidata (WD)
* Wikipedia und Wikidata selber editieren
* Diskussions- und Fragerunde


Data scientists

People interested in open content

People interested in Open Data

Computer scientists

People are invited to use their own laptop to manipulate the data.


Wikimedia CH



Ilario Valdelli, Wikimedia CH

Prof. Stefan Keller, Geometa Lab Institut für Software, OST Ostschweizer Fachhochschule