Media needs to be reinvented. (How) can we do it?

Thema: Open Internet
Datum: Freitag, 29. Oktober 2021
Zeit: 11:30 - 12:30
Raum: Baloise Park Basel, Raum 2

The business models of today's media and tech giants are designed for clicks and engagement. This leads us into hyper-personalized filter bubbles and separate realities, with dangerous consequences for social cohesion and democracy. What if we could completely reinvent media and the underlying business models? How would we design a new system to create a meaningful information environment that brings new insight and fosters understanding? We will try this together with you, looking at areas like ethical design, diversity, inclusion, and mindfulness. Your inputs will shape a new kind of media!

Weitere Informationen

We are drowning in information and there is an ever-growing need to get only substantial, meaningful signal without all the noise. Most of today’s systems promise us this but are generally about personalization and keeping us hooked – due to their business models.

Butterfy is an attempt at a new kind of incentive system designed to combine the advantages of what exists today without its downsides.

In our session we will quickly introduce the concept and then deconstruct it together with you, critically question everything and put back together a new, improved approach. Since this is an open project, you can become a part of it, you can shape it, and improve it. We believe, only this decentral approach of us all together can lead to a democratic and equitable new system for media.

Ablauf der Session

  • First, we will quickly show the work done so far.
  • Then, we move to group work, reflection, new ideas and inputs,
  • before synthesizing all gathered information into an improved approach.


Everybody who is interested in the topic, feels a need for change, and is interested in new, creative approaches.

No previous knowledge of any kind is needed.





Ninja Hoffmann, Butterfy

Vardon Hamdiu, Butterfy