An Enterprise Graph in full production at Swatch

Thema: Linked Data

Zeit: 10:40 - 11.40

Raum: 3.50Ort: Welle7, Bern

An Enterprise Graph in full production at Swatch

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What would you like to talk about

At Swatch we kept having to manage more and more IT assets. Ditching the .NET app written by our apprentice, we chose an RDF framework to discover and link IT assets. Going life in spring 2018, 100 users every day are now happily „surfing“ and „googling“ linked IT and enterprise assets, deploying new assets, checking the health and then also sending the bill to the customer. With only a small team we happened to build a private cloud using linked data. We love the flexibility of the graph, compared to other frameworks on the market. Now we want to re-use the information in the graph to build a recommendation system for IT operations, where we start with bi-partite graph analysis.

What would you like to know from other participants, what feedback are you looking for

Are there other RDF application development frameworks available? Are other people combining transactions and knowledge in a graph? What graph databases are performing better? What are good uses for inference? Does somebody have experience with deepwalk or other algorithms?


Developers, IT operations, RDF specialists, data scientists focusing on graph analytics, DBAs, IT management, …



Peter Hutzli, Swatch Group