SPARQL 1.2: Community group, how to improve SPARQL

Thema: Linked Data

Zeit: special 15:40 - 16:40

Raum: 3.51Ort: Welle7, Bern

Developments about moving the SPARQL standards forward.

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What would you like to talk about

There is a w3c community group for moving the SPARQL standards forward. This a session on what is being discussed in the CG and what can be done at a CG level. We will also talk about how you can get involved and what is already being done.

What would you like to know from other participants, what feedback are you looking for

Ideas we have not thought about. Your pain points, hopes and regrets.


Anyone whom ever wrote a SPARQL query.



Jerven Bolleman, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

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