SPARQL: federation in practice

Thema: Linked Data

Zeit: special 15:40 - 16:40

Raum: 3.50Ort: Welle7, Bern

SPARQL: federation in practice

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What would you like to talk about

At the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics we have a number of very large (UniProt, OrthoDB, Bgee, Omabrowser) and small endpoints (hamap, metanetx, nextprot, rhea). However, they all need to communicate with each other.

While the fact that these databases can talk to each is a major win that no other technology allowed. Yet still we would like to see higher performance and easier to use federation.

What would you like to know from other participants, what feedback are you looking for

What federation systems are used in practice beyond basic federation. How can basic federation be improved in our different systems. Can we document connection points in our graphs in a better way?


Data scientists, sys admins developers.



Jerven Bolleman, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics