Delphine Seitiée

alp ict, Secrétaire générale

Delphine is responsible of the cluster alp ict, which promotes the ICT sector in western switzerland for SMEs. She supports the idea of an innovative, responsible and inclusive Swiss economy where collective intelligence is central.

At the service of SMEs, Delphine considers that supporting innovation must go through the creation of synergies between entrepreneurs, academia, culture, politics and finance, but also through a strong awareness of the opportunities that digital technology can offer. A conviction that she tends to implement throughout alp ict missions.

With a university master's degree in Communication and Hypermedia, Delphine began her career in digital. In 2015, she co-founded an international association dedicated to the development of immersive technologies in Switzerland connecting the fields of the arts, education, science, medical and academic research, which propeled her into the world of new technologies.

Based in Neuchâtel, she firmly believes in the importance of a connected Switzerland, a country characterized by so many singularities representing great strength. We are currently experiencing a social upheaval requiring reflection and questioning of the world, let's take advantage of this momentum for change to open up the field of possibilities.