Peter Winstanley

The Scottish Government, Data & Standards

Peter is a hands-on data specialist and technical lead with many years experience delivering data products and services to analysts and to broadcast media. He has worked with major organisations including Scottish Government, EC, BBC and NATO. Peter is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society and co-Chair of the W3C Dataset Exchange Working Group. He is also an active contributor to the EC Joinup programme.

Peter is working as a part of the public sector in Scotland to develop national linked data infrastructure based on W3C and EC core vocabularies. He views the development of a knowledge graph to link information assets across administrative boundaries as a desirable and achievable outcome of this work. He thinks that the KG will provide citizens with an information "fabric" of ground truth to underpin their society rather than simply a set of "hosepipe" data services that only support the administration.

Peter contributes to thinking in public sector informatics through published work and conference engagements.