Vardon Hamdiu

Butterfy, Co-Founder & Communicator

Vardon worked in communications for half a decade, reading around 400 news articles *each day*. During the same time, he worked with refugees and lived in South Africa for six months. The gap between what he experienced and what he read every day brought him to the realization that something is going hugely wrong with our Fourth Estate.

The media and the Internet in general have become hyper-personalized echo chambers, concentrated on a few profit-oriented media and technology corporations, for whom click rates and profit maximization are understandably more important than social dialogue and progress. So, what is needed is a fundamentally new, democratic "business model" in which all financial incentives are aligned with these ideals as well.

This is exactly the big goal of the not-for-profit association Butterfy (, which Vardon launched together with his co-founder Ninja Hoffmann.