Call for Sessions

This year, DINAcon invites you to submit session proposals on specific topics relating to digital sustainability. Associations, communites, non-profit organisations, but also companies and public authorities are welcome to be part of our program.

Companies prefer those submissions whose organisations contributed to the cost of the event with sponsorship.


Your ideas are in demand!

In the format of the session you are free: give a presentation, moderate a discussion or choose a collaborative methodology - we do not want to set any limits to your ideas.

The one-hour sessions are now arranged in three different tracks:

  • In the
    Public Sector Track,
    we are looking for best practice examples of digital issues from administration: presentations, testimonials or discussion formats about challenges in the public sector or how administration can contribute to digitally sustainable solutions.
  • In the
    Community Track,
    we are looking forward to sessions in which open source / open data / civic tech communities present their projects and discuss ideas, applications and solutions with a community connection.
  • In the
    Business & Innovation Track,
    we look forward to innovative approaches and business cases in the field of digital sustainability. Introduce your solutions, hardware and software, or your platform in a session discussion or workshop.


The deadline for submissions is 3 July 2020.

You are welcome to be inspired by the past sessions and topics of DINAcon.

If your session is selected for this year's DINAcon program, your form entries will be published on our website as a description of your session. For this reason, we ask you to follow the steps in the form, provide all requested information and submit an entry with elaborated texts.



The process at a glance

  1. Record your session online (speakers profiles and session content) by July 3, 2020
  2. The dINAcon 2020 selected session will be officially published in mid-July 2020
  3. The OK will contact the contact person you have provided for further steps or questions
  4. The DINAcon will take place on October 23, 2020 - we would be happy if you are also there with your session!


Overview of the steps in the online form

Download a PDF guide to the steps in the online form

We look forward to your input!